Are Trade Shows Worth The Hype?

Are Trade Shows Worth The Hype?

Let's talk Trade Shows. Are they worth it? What happens there? Why should you go? 

Well, I have been to many trade shows and they’re all a little different. Last year, I attended IECSC in Vegas and I was so surprised that all the classes were an additional cost! Because the year before that I spoke at the ISCE Show in Long Beach and the class I taught was totally free

I have also been to the Indie Beauty Expo (RIP) in Los Angeles and was surprised when there were zero products being sold, but only samples given out! This was a totally different experience compared to other Beauty Trade shows when you go to see what products there are and end up buying almost everything at cost! 

Attending these conferences, shows, whatever you want to call them, are worth it if you're looking for something new and exciting to add to your treatment room experience.

Whether it be a new cute apron or a cushy new chair and a life changing product.

For me almost 6 years ago now, is when I found Lashfood and exclusively sold their brow line for years! When they stopped making their fiber gel, I started making mine since it was my best best seller! I still have it on my website here.

I also took a truly life changing free class some years ago and have met some incredible people that I still stay in touch with– so for me Trade Shows are an absolute must at least every other year! 

This year I will be showcasing Brow Fox Beauty and our newest online course at two trade shows. IECSC in Vegas and Cultivate Beauty Conference in Clovis, Ca. This is Cultivate Beauty’s first ever conference. If you’re near there I encourage you to come check out all the amazing education they’re offering. 

What are your thoughts on trade shows? I'd love to connect with you about them! 



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