Best thing about owning a salon suites business

Best thing about owning a salon suites business

Ash Brows said it best. Listen here.

The answer: Giving other beauty professionals a chance to thrive and a place to grow is truly fulfilling. 

Other perks? Oh yeah, rent is paid for you!

It took me two years to stop feeling guilty about profiting from my Suite Spot, but when I did reap the rewards of MY hard work, I could finally relax and feel proud of myself.

After all, it was my late nights working on the website, my credit on the line for the money spent on the build out and deposits. My ass on the line if rent doesn’t get paid. My ass there early in the morning meeting a plumber if something goes wrong.

Once I realized how much my ass was doing and had done to make it run like clockwork, I was able to look at my business like a business.

My work is work and I deserved to get paid for it. Even if it is easy. So step one in being a business owner, let business be business. It's more than okay to be compensated for your eye and work– it's imperative. 

Xox Em

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