Cover Your A** With A Strong Contract

Cover Your A** With A Strong Contract

As much as we would like to believe our clients and our co-workers are incredibly perfect—they’re not. 

We all hope to be helping our clients feel pretty and our co-workers feel successful.

But first and foremost we are a business, period.

Before you work with anyone it is important to set boundaries and get a signed contract with everyone you do business with, whether that is a client or a coworker, that they will respect said boundaries.

What’s your cancellation policy? Do you have one?

Sure, you might have it written on your website and posted in your treatment room but is it in your consent form? Make it an agreement between you and your client and include it in your consent forms, and have them sign that portion along with everything else. Keep it on file. 

If you don’t have a great cancellation policy, you can steal mine here!

It's so key to have a strong consent form. This consent form should include a medical history section, contraindications, a liability release, a photography release and a COVID release. Most importantly, it should include a signature agreeing to your CANCELLATION policy. I call it a Cancellation Agreement. 

You NEED a proper consent form.

If you don't have one and need one, I have you covered! If you're looking for a facial and waxing consent form, you can get it here.  If you're looking for a Microblading consent form, you can get that on here! Simply copy and paste it into google forms so you have it on file forever!

Here’s a few more backstops you can also have to prevent litigious clients from booking.

  • Have online booking only, where they are responsible for booking an appointment that works with their schedule.

  • Have no show protection turned on so they have to take an extra step to enter their credit card in order to reserve their time. 

  • Before you TOUCH a client, especially behind closed doors, shake hands and have them fill out your consent form with ALL of your policies. 

  • Before you TOUCH them with hot wax or a microblade make sure you actually review their consent forms and verbally discuss anything they may have missed etc.

    Double check with a one liner you have memorized and say every-time before you begin your touch time- mine is “And you’re not using anything that might make your skin extra sensitive, like retinol…” I’m sure my OG clients are sick hearing this but I say this every 👏🏼 single 👏🏼 time and in doing so, I have avoided some really sticky situations.

    About half the time someone goes, Oh yeah I just started using this Vit C serum… and then the skincare conversation begins about products and we are relating on something and hey, maybe you’re making a sale..more on that in another blog. 

These are all backstops or insurance plans for your business. Heaven forbid something goes wrong, your client WILL remember that they signed a release form and even if they wanted to sue you, they’re going to see this as a pain point to move forward in that process. 

I hope this helps you move your business forward and give you something solid to depend on for your client and co-working relationships!



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