George and Willy Sign Hack

George and Willy Sign Hack

My Sign Dupe⁠ has been a huge hit and I thought I'd share it with you in case you'd like to try it out yourself! 

Brand identity is still very important to us creatives as well as to our clients. They want to walk into your space knowing it's yours after reading all those amazing Google reviews. We all have "dream" things we want in our businesses, like our 4K Plush and Oak dream bed isn't enough, we want cute signs too!

See, I really wanted that cute trendy George and Willy sign...But ask me how much I've spent on signs, repainting, and biz name changes, among other things 🙃😆😐... So in came this DIY sign on a budget!

For this hack, here is what you will need and where you can find it!
⁠All for under $30!

Wooden Craft Round⁠ - Get it here.

Bracket for Shelves⁠ - Get them here.
     TIP: make sure they're the same length as your wooden craft rounds!

Eyes - Get them here.
    These will screw into the sign.

S-Hooks - Get them here.
     -These will hook to the chain.
Chain ⁠- Get it here.

A Decal ⁠
The How to:
Attach brackets upside down onto wall. 

Using the pre fab holes meant to drill into the shelf, this will be where you place the S hook & chain to hang. You will use another S hook to attach to the eye that has been screwed into the wooden craft round. 

Note- you should paint, add a decal etc to make your sign your own before you attach it! 

Also, if you can’t find matching metals (s hook bracket, eye, chain) spray paint it!! If you’re wanting a clean white sign- paint it. I personally used decals onto the raw wood since that is the same type of wood and look I have going on throughout my shop. If your decals are having a hard time sticking to the wood, pop a clear coat of sealant, mod podge, etc onto the round on top of the decals. If you’re planning on hanging this outside then you must seal the wood. 

If you're a visual person: Here’s a mini tutorial on my IG  

Don’t forget to tag me in your Brow Fox Sign Hacks. 

You can do it. 



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