Let's Talk Brow Tints

Let's Talk Brow Tints

Since all your clients should be getting brow tints for summer vacations- let’s talk about some of my go-tos.

  • Mina for Brow Henna.
  • Brow Code for a tint/hybrid.

These are my ride or dies. 

I’ve never met a henna or a stain that lasts longer than 1 week on the skin so I never ever advertise henna or stain as a skin stain. I use it to dye the hairs and if a client prefers a darker brow I will let it rest on the skin for a longer amount of time. So then why do I use henna? Well, it stains greys and vellus hairs like no other. It really brings a brow to life. 

The only other popular henna /  stains I saw at the Vegas trade show was Ellebana. Surprisingly most people told me they were using it (& for lamination) and also told me they disliked it in the same breath! So I guess we’re all on a hunt for a new brow stain!

Bronsun anyone? 

Let me know what you use. 
Hope this is helpful,

Xox EM

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