Life of a Bikini Waxer with Bekka Brookbank

Life of a Bikini Waxer with Bekka Brookbank

Life of a Bikini Waxer

Where are my wax pros or aspiring wax pros?! I got a chance to talk to Bekka Brookbank and she’s spilling all the deets on the in’s and out’s of how she got to owning her own salon and how she keeps clients coming back for more. 

Emily: Why bikini waxing? How did your career focus become on bikini waxing? 

Bekka: When I was in school for Esthetics I was definitely more interested in Facials & Makeup. But once I started working at my first salon job as a Licensed Esthetician it just became my thing! I was very nervous about waxing in the beginning but it didn't take long for me to fall in love with it. 

I did also do a lot of Facials as well, but most of my monthly return clients were for bikini waxing and they would tell their friends about me and before I knew it, that was mostly what I was doing. After a few years, I took a job at a salon that was waxing only. That's when my skills really grew and now I own my own solo Salon where I focus on waxing and to this day I do primarily bikini area and eyebrow waxing.  


Emily: What is the important boundary to set with your clients as a bikini waxer?

Bekka: It's very important to be in control of the service and your space. This includes the "vibe/energy" in your space. Some people can really bring the mood down or make you feel bad and you can't let these people do this. You have every right to fire a client just like a client can always stop coming to you. It's hard to do this in the beginning when you're building your clientele and even when you're experienced & booked up. Just remember that quality is more important than quantity. Eventually if you are selective with who you provide services to & stay authentic, you will start attracting the type of clients you work best with!

Don't ever let anyone boss you around or make you feel incompetent. We all make mistakes and we always have room for improvement, I don't care where you're at in your career. But you have to be confident and in control! You can do this in a professional way and also provide a comfortable and positive environment and experience. 


Emily: What type of retail can you offer as a bikini waxer? Any favorites?

Bekka: There are a lot of options out there, all kinds of exfoliating & moisturizing products as well as fun home goods to help promote a relaxing home space for their aftercare. These all help promote after care and self care. I think it's important to have products available for your clients so you can educate them and then provide what they need rather than sending them somewhere else for products and guidance. 

I've been retailing Fur products for around 4 years now and they are a fan favorite. I also carry dry brushes, exfoliating gloves and a full skin care line for the face. 

Recently, I've brought on the Brow Fox-Like Laminate and my clients and I are loving it! I love trying new brands and products, and most companies offer samples. I always test products out before selling them, never sell anything you don't believe in. 


Emily: Do you have any tips for anyone finding their niche in the waxing or esthetics industry? 

Bekka: I think it's best to be authentic and be open. Try multiple things otherwise you won’t know what you do and don't like! Have fun with it and don't be too serious. We should be professional but we are in a fun and vibrant industry with so many options. You can always change your path as well and growth is so important. 


Emily: How long did it take for you to build your clientele? 

Bekka: Once I went out on my own as a Self-Employed Esthetician it took around 1-2 years. I did have a lot of clients from salons I was an employee at find me/follow me though. I didn't start my career being self-employed. It's been a little over 3 years now since I've been working for myself and my books are now closed to new clients. I feel very lucky but I did work for this. 

It can take a few years or more, it really depends on your location and how you market yourself. Social media is an amazing marketing tool but you will also get a lot of referrals from your clients. Focus on your craft, market yourself and it will happen!  


Emily: Any advice for an esthetician just getting started who thinks they want to focus on becoming the best bikini waxer? 

Bekka: Try to take an extra training course if you're able to. A lot of schools don't have great training for waxing so you need to seek this after school. There are a lot of Waxers who do training focused on bikini waxing and you get a certificate you can display once you pass. There are also a lot of online courses you can take which are also helpful, not as much as hands-on training but definitely beneficial! Practice with as many friends as possible and always be open to improving your knowledge and skills! 

Also, try multiple wax brands, they're all a little different and there are formulas that you will be more comfortable working with or just work better in your climate and the environment in your room. What you're using can make such a big difference in your craft. 

So what is the Brow Fox doing diving into the Life of a Bikini Waxer?

Because I started out the same way! Be patient, try it all and be open to what your clients want you to niche down to as well as what brings you joy! Needless to say, Bekka is a wealth of information and an esthetician that figured it out. 

When you’re just starting out it can seem like you’re never going to get to a fully-booked status but as Bekka explained, as long as you’re authentically you, competent, and confident - you can do amazing things!


Stay foxy!


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