More To Sell Than Fur

More To Sell Than Fur

Bummer, I know.

Fur is in Ulta and Sephora. And while that’s well and good for them... (I mean, #goals), it’s not so great for us estheticians. 

Well…let's break it down into a pro and con...

Pros: Brand recognition and awareness. Trust for a specific type of shopper and will purchase next from you because they saw "iTs In SEphOra now"! 

Cons: Brand recognition and awareness. Trust because their esthetician recommends and will go use their points/discounts/rewards to purchase…instead…of…from…your…small…business… 

So here are some other amazing options JUST for estheticians. 

Wax bare Wax has an Ingrown serum 

Just the Strip has a complete post wax care line. And the packaging is to die for. 

Brow Fox Beauty Bikini Balm - keeps the skin supple to help the new growth through the skin. Say no to ingrowns!

*Not pictured Bush Balm. Only its not a balm but waxers love it. And they have one for males- its hilarious just go check it out… 

So point being... whether your supporting big or small there are options to stock up in your storefront but helping out smaller estheticians keeps more money, in your pocket, and supports small business. So thats a win in my book!



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