Non-esthetics Back bar items every esthetician must have

Non-esthetics Back bar items every esthetician must have

While I focus a lot on what should and can go in your back bar professionally and even for your retail.. There is something to be said about those "non" esthetic items that may get missed. 
Maybe you'll see some of these and think, YEP I have that too, but if I can help you stock up on even just a little something here or there that may make your long day helping clients easier? My job here is done! 


1. Breath Spray - because mints make you salivate and you don’t always have time to suck them down. 

2. A nail file - because NO one wants to get accidentally scratched during a facial. Ouch.

3. A Bride to Be & happy birthday banner- it takes up no room and your client will FREAK that you made them feel so special on their day to get prepped for their special day. Bride brows- they’re a serious thing!
Just remember to tape it up quickly before their appointment.

4. A hair clippy- for the brow gal that has bangs. 

5. A big fluffy eyeshadow brush - Because you will have a client who wears eyeshadow up to her brows and you will lay a strip & they will be left will a perfect line of their eyeshadow.  Just Blend that ish back and make it better than you found it. 

6. First aid kit- not because you’re injuring anyone but because you literally never know the state of your client when they walk in. Anything goes in the treatment room because they trust you. 

7. A stack of business cards from local professionals you trust - from handy men to therapist. People love to know who did this or that for you and giving them a referral just might save their day. 

I'd love to hear from you and what you stock that is "non" esthetic's related in your back bar. Do you have these items too?

Sending you all the good vibes -


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