Photoshoot Tips with Emily Stites

Photoshoot Tips with Emily Stites

Over the weekend I hosted a local photographer at my salon to do headshots for a ton of other business owners. This got you guys asking a lot of questions! Why professional photos, how to prep for a shoot and what to even shoot!?! ⁠

Here are my top three suggestions: ⁠

1) Think generic. What can you use OVER AND OVER? ie this photo shown

This can be posted as the background for your website services section, used time after time as the background on IG to post openings etc.⁠

2) Not every photo needs to be a smile :) Candid, action shots are where it's at! ⁠

3) Staple shots! What's a staple for your business? Tweezers? Wax? A landmark outside your shop. What is so recognizable from your biz that a client will see it for a second and think of you. Get a few different shots of that and reuse reuse reuse! ⁠

The morning of your shoot do a little rearranging to stage your space - this includes hiding cords! If you are shooting any products have them gathered and ready to go. It’s going to be fun and you are going to be thankful you were fully prepped! 

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