Risk and Reward - Article feature with ShoutoutColorado!

Risk and Reward - Article feature with ShoutoutColorado!


Recently, Shoutout Colorado reached out for an exclusive interview with me (Em) at The Brow Fox. It was such an honor to chat with them about business and growth and while you can check out the article via their website here, I thought you'd enjoy reading it firsthand. 

Without further ado... Let's get started! 

Shoutout Colorado: We had the good fortune of connecting with Emily Stites and we’ve shared our conversation below.

Hi Emily, how do you think about risk?

Emily, The Brow Fox: Risk is something that I acknowledge, respect and wholeheartedly understand. However, I do not fear it. I look at it head on and trust myself. I know the life that I want, and the career I need, to feel fulfilled. So I take that risk and steer through my choices with that, but I don’t let IT guide ME.
If I am feeling weak, unsure, run down, THAT'S when the fear of taking these monetary risks or risks of embarrassing myself, creeps in. When fear surrounds my mindset of these risks, THAT'S when I don’t make the right decisions.
I learned that I need to constantly be connected to my ‘why’ and keep doing things that make me feel confident in my craft, life and business. When confidence surrounds my mindset of the risks I am taking, rewards set in.

Shoutout Colorado: Can you give our readers an introduction to your business? Maybe you can share a bit about what you do and what sets you apart from others?

Emily, The Brow Fox: I started out as an esthetician~ little did I know you instantly become a small business owner as MOST working environments require you to be an “independent contractor”. There are only TWO practicing estheticians from my graduating class. I believe this is because there are so many choices, risks & other annoying business owner stuff you have to do to get started. P.S... NONE of that is taught to you in school.

So, besides licensing, permits, buying all your supplies, buying retail, marketing, bookkeeping, processing payments per client, scheduling ETC .... where does one even start with esthetics?

After much trial, error and risk taking, I felt as if I had a good handle on this.
I was very excited about this being a career for other women. Since I was a single mom making it happen and supporting myself and little family, I thought if I could do it anyone could do it! So, I started taking on beginning estheticians, hiring them & helping them. Unfortunately, estheticians weren’t as excited about being employees so I pivoted my business to providing Suites and Support (and even some supplies) to help independent artists & estheticians to be successful.

Wow! That pivot sounds a lot easier than it was! That was the most difficult thing in my world at the time. After tens of thousands of dollars invested into branding, training, handbooks, supplies, furniture, equipment, marketing, product development, I had to let it all go. BUT it truly was for the greater good and is much more aligned with my business’s mission- showing estheticians and artists they can have a successful business as a solopreneur and be their authentic self.
AND dang did I get some great experience in the above list! I am happy to say that I have suites filled with talented, successful artists and have even mentored a few people to open their own salon suite style studio.

I am currently working hard on a new product line, Brow Fox Beauty, specific for estheticians and microblading artists to use in the treatment room as well as to retail to their clients. I used the “Launch Fast + Adjust” approach and so far it is doing really well! I am so thrilled with the reaction to this line and I am so excited to give more time and energy to the branding and website. I am also working on online training videos to go with some of the products.

I believe education, confidence, and authenticity will lead others to success, as well as myself.

Shoutout Colorado: Shoutout is all about shouting out others who you feel deserve additional recognition and exposure. Who would you like to shoutout?

Emily, The Brow Fox: I have to shout out my friend Lorena, & her Dear Lash Love platform. She has given out so many outstanding tips on her blog for FREE. I wouldn’t have the same confidence in my business that I do today without her daily encouragement, advice and tips.

Product Website: thebrowfox.com
Instagram: @thebrowfox

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