Room Rental vs Salon Ownership

Room Rental vs Salon Ownership

Room rental versus salon ownership, image of salon suite

It took a lot of life and business experience to get to where I am right now. 

It all started four years ago when I was sharing a room part-time and I transitioned into another salon, full time.

This was a huge step for me! 

My first day I had 19 clients. I was hustling…. wow, was I hustling. I mean, I had to make a name for myself! No, like literally, I had to make a name for myself -a website and an instagram too! Because I was running the old salon’s IG. While that was great and all, I couldn’t take that marketing (or yelp reviews) with me… so I had to go for it!

When I got down to it, I quickly realized that the marketing, the branding, the laundry, client communications, the website, the yelp reviews.. basically everything that actually goes into showcasing a small business was quite overwhelming! I had no time to do it because I was still doing clients all day every day.

working with a client in the salon

I had a dream brand in my head that I wanted to go after, so I went for it. After all, I was already running my own mini business so why not lease a building and hire employees too, right?!

However, it was a slap in the face to realize that licensing, permitting, doing taxes, organizing paperwork, being HR, dealing with contracts, the capital, the contacts, and all the legalities that go into owning a small business is quite extensive!

So am I telling you to not chase your dreams and go for it?

No! However, if you’re just starting out I would highly recommend sharing a room from an established salon or artist first. 

Learn and focus on the craft and skill first.
Learn, learn, learn. Learn how to market yourself to get your own clients. Learn how to retain those clients. Then learn the business part, and I would definitely recommend a business coach!

There is a LOT more than “rent” when you rent a room. You’ll need to buy your own supplies and furniture. However, when you own your own business, there’s a lot more to it than supplies and furniture. It’s the TOILET PAPER for the guests (yep.. crazy I know), the PG & E, internet, drinking water (which YES, you are required to have by the state board of barbering and cosmetology), and so much more. Rent will go up every year, guests will complain about cheap toilet paper, and then your guests and renters will also complain when rent and service prices goes up.

So enjoy renting for a while if you’re just getting started. Embrace it.

emily in her salon suite

- Em

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